Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nicks 'n Tags

Aw, maaaaaan…! Five random facts about Ste. Em ‘cuz the son of Rusty Britches tagged me…

  1. I prefer Tequila to beer. I take it the way I like my theology: barenekked with no amendments. Salt and lime are for sissies.

  1. I still have all my marbles. They are in a green glass dish on my desk in my study.

  1. I can change out the guts of a toilet and seat a faucet. I can also hang a light fixture, re-wire a lamp, install or change a junction box, and change out a light switch. Then I can knit you a sweater or even crochet you a doily to set that newly re-wired lamp on- but don’t expect it.

  1. I was not raised in this country, at least not entirely. However, I am an American.

  1. We celebrate St. Nick’s Day in my house, and so do my children in their homes. In fact, we now do the same at school. The students hear the story of St. Nicholas, and then leave their shoes out to be filled with gold coin candies and fruit. When my children were growing up they also received a Christmas ornament. This tradition was begun with my mother while we were in Germany. I’d like to take it as far as slapping blatant and unrepentant Arians, but my Bishop is working hard at making a lady out of me and I am (reluctantly) cooperating.

Now, to tag… D’trini, Cholak, Glen, My Watery Cubbies Friend, and Lisa.


Genevieve said...

We celebrate St. Nick's day here, too.

Lisa S. said...

I guess I need to blog again... I'm behind. One thing EVERYONE knows about me... I blog irregularly.

Bob Waters said...

Oh, my.

I guess I'd better catch up! ;)