Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jeremiah's Light

With only two days in the post-Christmas vacation week, I planned for a light schedule. This gave time for an art project.

We were working quietly when suddenly Jeremiah said quite suddenly and emphatically, “When Jesus was born, He knew He was going to die for our sins.”

It is good to be fed by the mouths of the students.

Jeremiah wanted so dearly to attend church this evening. Byrne, too. It is our night for the big blaze. Every Epiphany we have first the Mass, then the bonfire of the Christ Mass trees that have been gathered and piled at the end of the parking lot. Jeremiah and Byrne both begged to go. “We’ll see,” was the polite reply from parents.

Tonight Jeremiah was standing in the parking lot with his grandfather/adoptive father when we arrived for services. Byrne arrived not long after. No small accomplishment, that.

Both inhaled the scent of heaven with the smells of frankincense and myrrh and heard the sounds thereof as the saints joined with heaven’s own singing “Hosannas.”

Byrne left early, leaving Jeremiah to the remnants of the bonfire on his own. A pity. The local fire company responded to the blaze and joined the throng. Jeremiah was invited to sit in the cab with the lights adding a different sort of blaze to the night sky.

Big night for First Graders.

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