Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vacuums & Beads

I was somewhat amused by the flutter of posts regarding Ebenezer Lutheran Church (ELCA) and Pr. Stacy’s goddess beads (not so mch so to prevent my own.) Were any of us surprised, after all?

If it is true that nature abhors a vacuum, then the truth from which that image derives lies in an even Greater Reality: the First Commandment. Man cannot live without a god. If his God is not the one, true God, then he will have another as his god. Nature mimics this truth whenever a vacuum is filled.

By the way… this was in large measure what my essay “Stoles of Suspension” was based on. Particularly, that Feminist Theology is based on a suspension of belief- that is, a denial of Christ in order to achieve its own goals. In His stead, feminism erects a god of her own making and in her own image.

For amusement I purchased a set of goddess beads from Pr. Stacy while I was writing that essay for the AELLP Forum. I thought they’d make for a good object lesson at some point. They now sit in my desk drawer under a pile of rubber bands, some stamps, a few address labels, a box of staples, and a roll of 3M tape. They arrived not long after Katrina hit, while I was still recovering from the burns I received from our clean-up efforts in the back yard. Pr. Stacy included a kind note when she sent them, “We are praying for you…” The prayers of a gentle human avail nothing outside of Christ.

The way of the Gospel is always more…

And the way of apostolicity is never innovation.

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