Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hearing and Believing

Now I know why my boy students don't listen to me.

Of course, it doesn't explain why one of them closed his eyes and zoned out during the sermon in chapel yesterday. Or why he denied knowing any of the Latin verb endings he's been learning since the beginning of the year. I don't preach, and I don't teach Latin. Pastor does.

At least now I have the comfort of scientific proof for why my boy students don't listen to me. Pastor doesn't.

Maybe one day there will be a pill to control or cure that boy's listening problem, like there is for ADD, ADHD and toe fungus. Then I would have a class filled with boys listening to me. Poor pastor. He'll just have to struggle along with simple ignorance and disobedience.

How will I know the boys are listening? Because they will also be boys who are doing what I tell them to do. My, my. What a wonderful thing that would be. I like that idea: a room filled with boys who become men listening to me and then doing what I tell them to do. Why, isn't that the very image of... well... we'd very nearly control MEN, wouldn't we, gals? How goddess-like!

And all the while there's still the problem of guys falling alseep during the sermon and then not doing. No scientific reason for that little problem, so that one's just going to fall through the cracks, it seems.

On the one hand, science is soooooo feminist! On the other, it can ultimately demonstrate God's truths. God said following the first sin that men and women would now struggle against each other. Our physical being was affected by the fall. Distortion in hearing is one of these ways. To use findings such as these an excuse for not listening to each other, especially to "parents and other authorities," is another way that Satan continues to wage the war between the sexes.

Men don't listen to men any better than they listen to women. This is nowhere more evident than where God's word is rightly preached and His Sacraments administered accordng to His institution of them. For it is in such places that men will despise what is proclaimed and seek ways to remove the messenger- just as was done to the One who sent them.

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The Terrible Swede said...

My wife doesn't buy it, Deaconess Carder.

She says it's boobs. Plain and simple.