Sunday, April 01, 2007

O lord, open thou my wallet...

What’s filling the mouth of your young children? I often find I need to remind my students that God didn’t create mouths just to have them filled with filth. Neither did the Holy Spirit author languages in order for us to daily embarrass the angel with whom we have asked God to protect us from the power of the devil (Luther’s Morning and Evening Prayers).

Here is an article about those who advocate another practice, and are rationalizing it. I’m waiting not-too-patiently for the day when scientists announce they have isolated the sin gene, and are soon on their way to eliminating it entirely. Why bother? The numbing effects of societal accommodation work just as well.

On the South Side of Chicago—out near Midway Airport somewhere—there is one of those very unique and specialized museums, the Latvian Folk Art Museum. Latvia is one of the Baltic States that were independent before it was absorbed into the USSR. Later it took advantage of the glasnost under Michail Gorbachov and became independent again.

One of the unique displays is the number of Soviet Bibles and hymnals. Of what use does an atheist government have for ensuring the production of religious material for the people of Latvia? The museum’s instructional materials make it clear. The most precious language of the people was translated into Russian, daily prayer and the liturgy of the church in order to facilitate Sovietization and collectivize the citizenry. The Soviets were not being kind, but cruel. Once the Latvian language had been taken from the land, Latvia would be entirely Soviet. Just as Luther’s translation of the Bible into German helped to establish a standard for German Grammar in the sixteenth century, the prayers of the people would establish Russian as the new language in Latvia.

This is how totalitarian ideologies manage to make headway. After all, they know what’s best for everyone, so that’s what we’re all certainly going to get. America has its own system of dispensing overrunning destructive ideologies. She doesn’t have to look to foreign invaders. She solicits them from China and Taiwan, then stocks them at the local kids mega cathedrals, Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys-R-Us.

The last word in communion is “union.” Who or what one unites himself to is that with whom he is in communion. That’s really not too hard to follow, is it? (Of course, those Open Communion guys just can’t seem to get it!) Madison Avenue has made fortunes on this principle. Which superstar’s athletic shoes will make you perform as he does? Which hair color will change your life? Thomas the Tank Engine adorns piles of goods, as do the “Cars” characters. Little tykes imitate the sounds and voices of their favorite characters. How many girls pretended to be Ariel or Barbie?

Feminism is a totalitarian ideology that takes full advantage of Madison Avenue techniques. It’s no different now with how it is packaging language as innocent little bits of verbiage that only mean what each speaker means what she wants it to mean. So we are supposed to tolerate even our youngest girls filling their mouths with language that would make their grandmothers blush, not to mention their guardian angels—if they even pray for such anymore—and then turn a deaf ear as if it were all playtime. If that were so, then why are grown men still castigated for saying the “N” word on stage in a comedy routine? Somewhere the Queen of Hearts is laughing loudly and pouring yet another cup of tea. Money speaks loudly in absolution.

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