Thursday, October 27, 2005


The most amusing part of letting liberals talk long enough is gathering tidbits to play connect-the-dots with. Mary Todd left another:
On this point I could find no better words than those of Sr. Joan Chittister:

I have simply argued for years that if a woman is not half a person, if she is really a full person, if her baptism is really as authentic as anyone else’s baptism, and her call to discipleship is as deep as anyone else’s, then don't we have to discuss the theological implications of this as a church?

I don't see any reason at this stage to deny women ordination. But the real question is, I fear that if we don’t study this as a church, to the point where the next step is obvious to everyone, no matter how painful, it will affect the church deeply. (Todd is quoting Mark Roth, “The Thinkers: A life dedicated to her faith, and to questioning its policies,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 27, 2005.)

By questioning the authenticity of both women’s Baptisms and their humanity, Chittister is questioning the authenticity of women’s standing in the Kingdom of God. That is, are they citizens of equal worth alongside men even though they are not priests? She thinks not because they have been denied ordination. Todd agrees.

Now here’s the other dot to connect to:

Another Feminist Theologian, Beverly Wildung Harrison argues, “Those who proclaim that a zygote at the moment of conception is a person worthy of citizenship continue to deny full social and political rights to women.” (Harrison, B. W. (1985a). Making the Connections: Essays in Feminist Social Ethics. Boston: Beacon Press. P. 127.)

My, my! Amazing what is stripped of sanctity for the sake of the humanity of women!

Therefore, according to Feminist Theology, Baptism “rights” are to women’s ordination as civil rights are to procreative rights, and both result in abortion.

Spare me my own humanity, please… save that it be drowned dead and resurrected in Christ’s!

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