Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ste. Em and Just Retribution

Saturday week ago found me working well past dark in my classroom preparing for the next week’s lessons. I had started around noon. Lesson prep for three grades sometimes takes that long, especially when it involves making up booklets, running off materials, etc. Knowing I’d be around for a long spell, I tossed out some corncobs hoping to see what would come around the bird feeder.

It had been a cool, dry day. The windows were open. Just after darkness fell I heard the bird feeder rattle. Something was having himself a good snack, and if I was quick I could see what it was.

When I looked out the window all I could see was a tail swishing against the white of the pvc pipe. That was curious, as it didn’t seem possible that an animal could climb up the slickness of the pvc surface.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark outside I finally made out who the bandits were: four large raccoons. Evidently their claws can grip the pvc.  

When I told him the next day Howie suggested I spread axle grease on the pvc. That was good, but petroleum jelly was easier to find, so I used that instead. The seed cake has been replaced at the top of the pole, and remains unmolested. It has attracted Carolina wrens and a good many chickadees, jays, and cardinals (the only good kind there are). Yesterday I tossed out some more corncobs for the ‘coons. This morning they were eaten clean, but the seed cake is still intact- as are the feeders.

What I would give for the video of those varmints trying to climb that pole!  

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