Monday, June 12, 2006

A Sandwich...

...takes on a whole new meaning when your appetite has been pumped up after a long walk through the sites of the oldest city in Germany, Trier, on the opening day of the World Cup. Just behind this little gal is Porta Nigra, the largest of all Roman arches in the world still standing today. The cutie pie is my granddaughter. She lives with her mom and dad in Mannheim, Germany. I just got back from spending two weeeks with them.

Emi had also seen the Roman Basilica, which was Constantine's throne room (on the left here). It is now a Lutheran church. That's her daddy walking down the right aisle.

At the local Dom, or cathedral, she also stood within feet of the seamless tunic of Christ, and inches of one of the nails from His cross (so they say.) However, she was most impressed with the dancing cat toy her grammy bought her for two euro, fifty- the type of toy we used to pick up for a few pfennig years ago. The cat "dances" when you press your thumb under the base of the thing. Don't ask for a better description. I'm at a total loss at present to provide one.

At any rate, how would any of you pastors like to preach with this as your view? It's a bit exaggerated, as the actual altar is that stone box sitting near the pews. This is taken from high above it near the shrine of the tunic. Keep in mind that tunic is enshrined behind you to give you strength in all you say and do. If that doesn't do it, then that nail is in the cathedral treasury off to your left. Failing that, one supposes thoughts of the remains of the Roman amphitheater just down the street would suffice. It could still be put back into use just in case you don't "get it right." How's that for a bit of encouragement?

As long as trust is placed where Christ has not given His Word, faith is not where He is. Then all one has is the Law. Pity that His Flesh and Blood are left uneaten and often eaten so capriciously, yet shreds of cloth and rusty chips of iron gather hushed and reverent crowds.


Marie N. said...

They knew how to build them then! I love those gothic arches, ribbed vaults, and the serene light from the clerestory in the roman basilica.
Did you see some of the fantastic gargoyles? I especially like the ones that double as gutter spouts.

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. Welcome back home.

Kepler said...

Ah, but the best part of Trier is the train ride up the Mosel valley...sigh.

Favorite Apron said...

Ich war ein auschtausch Studenten am 1984 - im Offenbach.

Welcome back. What a cutie of a granddaughter you have. It must be hard to say goodbye.